IEEE MOROCCO - 3rd E-Week’13 of Robotic & Electro-Mechanic Contest

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In collaboration between the IEEE Morocco Section and the School of Science & Engineering of Al Akhawayn University, the 3rd E-Week’13 of Robotic & Electro-Mechanic Contest is jointly organized with the AUI’s 8th Engineering Design Competition, to be held in Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, in May 9th at 4:00 PM.

Since Fall 2009, “Engineering Design Competition” shines spotlight on how emerging engineering solutions links up with our day-to-day lives. The competition is open to all students enrolled in Engineering Instrumentation Course (EGR 3306). Initiated by Dr. Alj, the competition offers valuable opportunities for engineering students to apply their skills, unlock their imagination, put their engineering knowledge to the test, and discover their creative potential. Groups of 2 to 4 students engage in collaborative problem-solving approaches, use team work dynamics; personal leadership and influence; technical skills in mathematics, science, computers, and research; and presentations to design/build solutions to real-world problems. This contest provides a platform for groups of students to showcase their innovative ideas, solutions, proof-of-concept devices, and technology options to a range of engineering challenges: from transportation areas to safety matters and disability constraints.

The competition is organized in form of a Poster Exhibition Contest open to the public. The challenge is to design, build and prove a prototype in the framework of an innovative research-based project that serves to meet needs and constraints. Each exhibit is evaluated by the Committee of Judges composed of a multidisciplinary group of professors from the three schools: School of Business Administration (SBA), School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), and naturally School of Science and Engineering (SSE) including Computer Science and Engineering professors. They act as external examiners in charge of the overall evaluation of students’ knowledge levels. The judges used face-to-face dialogue as one major technique to gauge students’ knowledge; the evaluation method of Performance Appraisals a renowned competency-based method whereby abilities are measured in most direct, real-world approach. Top three teams’ finalists received awards’ certificates.

Bringing multidisciplinary professors and students to one venue, open to the public, provides technical and professional skills’ development opportunities to the exhibitors. The Engineering competition presents opportunities for students to back/couple theoretical knowledge and understandings with practical applications (geared towards improving the world we live in). It is a venue for student exhibitors to challenge their skills, creativity, and competitive spirit (towards further improving their learning experience). It is also a venue to inspire freshmen students with engineering innovative possibilities. The overall goal is to engage students in engineering endeavors.

The evaluation of Poster Exhibit revolves around four major criteria:
Presentation (oral/Poster)
Mastery (clearness …)
Depth of Work
Originality & Contribution

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